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Minggu, 08 Juni 2014

Sum 41 - Half Hour of Power [FULL ALBUM] (2000) | Download

Half Hour of Power is an EP by Canadian punk rock band Sum 41. It was released June 27, 2000, on Big Rig Records, a subsidiary of Island Records (US), and Aquarius Records (Canada). Some sources consider the album to be the band's first studio album, however the band claims that their next release, All Killer No Filler, is their first official album.
The song "Dave's Possessed Hair" was redone as "What We're All About" for the Spider-Man soundtrack.
"32 Ways to Die" is a reference to the song "99 Ways to Die" by Megadeth.
The song "Summer" was re-recorded for the band's 2001 debut album.
The album's first track, "Grab the Devil by the Horns and Fuck him up the Ass", was renamed to "Grab the Devil" on the band's 2006 live album, Go Chuck Yourself (released under the title Happy Live Surprise in Japan).
The controversial cover features a man without pants who is pointing a machine gun up in the air and is standing in front of an explosion in the background.

Released : 2000
Genre       : Punk Rock, Pop Punk, Hardcore Punk, Rapcore, Ska Punk, Skate Punk

Track Listing :

1. "Grab the Devil by the Horns and Fuck Him Up the Ass" (Instrumental, renamed to Grab the Devil on Go Chuck Yourself) 1:07
2. "Machine Gun"   2:29
3. "What I Believe"   2:50
4. "T.H.T."   0:44
5. "Makes No Difference"   3:11
6. "Summer"   2:42
7. "32 Ways to Die" (Instrumental) 1:31
8. "Second Chance for Max Headroom"   3:51
9. "Dave's Possessed Hair/It's What We're All About"   3:48
10. "Ride the Chariot to the Devil" (Instrumental) 0:55
11. "Another Time Around"   3:19
12. "[Silence]" (Hidden Track) 3:32

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