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Counter-Strike Red Line Cheats Codes

Counter-Strike Red Line Alpha 0.3 Cheats Codes

No Clip = gothruwall
Buyzone Everywhere = buyeverywhere
Wallhack = bulletthroughwall
Unlimited HE Grenade = boomboomboom
Unlimited Ammo = dieyouall
Double Fire Rate = killingmachine
Less Recoil = straightshoot
Double Damage = damageblast
Unlock Spazitron's Unreleased Maps In 2011 = spz2011maps
Unlock Undone Night Hazard Level = nighthazard
MxPx Background on Extras Page = mxpxpunkrawk
Play Music "Let It Happen" by MxPx = letithappen
Blink-182 Background on Extras Page = b182
Sum 41 "Underclass Hero" Background on Extras Page = underclasshero
Play Music "Confusion And Frustration" by Sum 41 = confusionandfrustration
Play Music "March of the Dogs" by Sum 41 = marchofthedogs
Play Music "Pull The Curtain" by Sum 41 = pullthecurtain
Show The Dialog Text For Spazitron = spazitron
Show The Dialog Text For Spazitron's Brother Called "Ariel" = arielmortzzz